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Data loss can occur for many reasons. If your data is important do not attempt to recover the data yourself.

Data Recovery right here in Adelaide –
professional, fast, affordable

Fast Diagnosis

Get a quote and recovery estimate same day

Adelaide Based

Our data recovery services are performed right here in Adelaide

No Data, No Fee

There is no fee for diagnosis or our standard recovery services

4 Easy steps to success –
Get your data back safely

1.) Free analysis of your device

We examine your device using specialized hardware data recovery tools. This equipment garauntee’s the integrity of your data and allows us to quickly identify the correct recovery process.

We’ll determine what’s wrong with your device, and provide a quote to recover your data.

2.) Physical or Firmware Repair

Once you approve your recovery we’ll get to work on getting the device to a readable state. This may involve physical repairs, or repair to the firmware of your device.

3.) Professionally Clone Your Device

Once your drive is readable, we’ll start the “one way” clone process. Did you know that even when a PC or Mac is just turned on, thousands of commands and info is sent to the device every minute? Our professional grade systems ensure your data’s best chance of recovery.

You should always ensure your Data Recovery company is working from a clone of your drive, NOT the original drive.

4.) File and Data Recovery

Once we have a clone of your drive (or relevant sections) we’ll then recover the data using specialised tools and software. This approach minimises wear on your failing or failed device and maximises the chance of successful data recovery.

In the case of a partial recovery you’ll have to choice where to proceed with the job before comitting to payment.

A little bit about us
and our previous work

Successul Recoveries

We’ve successfully recovered data from a wide range of media and situations

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • SSD Sata Recovery
  • iPhone Deleted Files Recovery
  • Foxtel Box Data Recovery
  • Play Station and Xbox Data Recovery
  • Accidentally deleted assigment
  • Millions of lost photos
  • Water Damaged Laptops and Macbooks

Fast Turn Around

We don’t artifically delay getting your data back to make more money. Many data recovery companies quote 2 – 4 weeks for a standard recovery. In 90% of cases you can have most of your data back in just 2 business days.


We try to keep our data recovery prices as simple as possible.

All or recoveries come with a FREE analysis and Quote. 

Data Recovery Base Rate

$400 – No Data, No Fee

Base Rate Applies to:

  • SSD
  • HDD (No Head Swap Required)
  • USB Devices

Your data recovery job will go into our recovery queue and be worked on after all other jobs. If we’re having a slow day you’ll get your data back faster. No artifical waiting times – once we’re done the data is yours.

Data Recovery - Advanced

$500 – No Data, No Fee

Price applies for any 1 of the following

  • Drive is 2TB or larger
  • Drive is encrypted
  • Drive has USB port built into PCB

Urgent Data Recovery Add On

$200 Non Refundable

Your data recovery job will go into our recovery queue and be worked on before all other jobs. We’ll also work on your drive after hours and on weekends to get your data back ASAP. If we’re having a slow day you’ll get your data back faster. No artifical waiting times – once we’re done the data is yours.

Data Recovery HDD Head Crash

$800 Fixed Rate – ($200 attempt fee)

If your hard drive is clicking, or has been dropped it’s likley that your drive may need a head replacement.

This requires using parts from other hard drives in order to successfully recover information from the disk.

In many cases, it is possible to recover data WITHOUT replacing heads using software and tools to disable one or more bad heads. In which case all you’d pay is our data recovery base rate.

Once we examine your drive, we’ll let you know your options and you can make the decision as to whether or not you’d like to proceed.

Get in touch

We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about your data recovery. If the matter is urgent or to arrange a pickup please call 0458 343 739.

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